Cheap Perfume Fashion Can Be a Rash Decision

First please excuse the play on words in the title of this article Cheap Perfume Fashion. However, there is a serious side to shopping for perfumes and fragrances both online and offline. Every once in a while, it can literally be a painful experience. While dumb customers can often find great deals, sometimes when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Designer fragrances fashion

When it comes to designer fragrances, perfumes, and aftershaves, there are many highly organized unscrupulous people who will create counterfeits with no intention other than parting with your hard-earned money to put their own pocket. A quick Google search for the term ‘fake perfume’ will yield over 3,000,000 pages! Earlier this year (2009), Birmingham Trading Standards seized 40,000 bottles of counterfeit designer perfume worth £ 750,000 in a raid on Handsworth. The stand included the best brands. A spokesperson for trade rules said at the time: “It is always a question of the buyer being careful. If something seems too good to be true, it is normal. Price is usually a good indicator, especially when buying something through Internet. Buyers can protect themselves “by shopping at reputable stores. Sometimes they compromise on other things, like getting receipts if they want a good deal.

When something goes wrong, they don’t have proof of purchase. ”

Major fashion houses

Much of this fake perfume is sell on the black market and some of it ends up online. The outlet for much of this online used to be eBay, but after several lawsuits from major fashion houses, the situation is looking up.

When these black merchants bet on fake designer products, they produce products that to the average observer appear to be the real item. From the packaging at least. However, the content can and often is a completely different story. Genuine perfumes must be carefully check before they are allowed to be sold to the public. However, counterfeit products do not have such tests, and as many people have found, inexpensive, untested ingredients that generally serve no other purpose that give the same color as the copied product, can cause a number of dermatological problems. , such as allergic reactions or rash.

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