Top 3 Women’s Perfume Fashion of 2015

Long a prestigious name Christian Dior Women’s Perfume has long been associate with the epitome of fashion’s latest touch, spectacular creativity, timeless luxury, and captivating elegance. From cutting-edge skincare products to timeless fragrances, the emblem has taken many of the most elegant and magnificent perfumes from the world of fashion and wonder. Christian Dior offers an elegant selection of fragrances that appeal to supermodels, celebrities and the whole world. By using its solid reputation as a prominent beauty brand, you can definitely find a Christian Dior perfume that matches your personality and style.  fashion style and trends 

All fragrances Perfumes Fashion come in a unique container

All fragrances come in a unique container that makes them look more elegant. Christian Dior prides itself on its incredible selection of fragrances for both genders. So That You will find a perfume that speaks of sophistication and freedom that reflects a modern woman. However, the company also offers fragrances that mix modernity and tradition. Whatever you decide, you will definitely love it.


Chloe’s perfume captures the spirit of women. It’s not just about the one woman, but about the rich people and also about the different personalities of all Chloe women. This soft, fresh floral fragrance evokes a sublime powdery rose. The effects create a feeling of security, elegance and absolute dependence.

Top notes of lychee, freesia, and pink peony are expressions of pure freshness. With middle notes of magnolia flower, lily of the valley and rose rising towards redirected femininity. A base that creates a velvety and fruity elegance through amber, cedar and honey. Chloe is definitely one of the best.

Inspired by details in the Chloe way, Perfume is create with a combination of natural materials and high fashion. The bottle is made with a real silver plating, which can then be adorn with a finishing touch. The bottle is somewhat heavy, but the gently curve and groove glass represents true femininity and strength. The gilt silver top is engrave with a Chloe mark, after which it is adorn with a hand-tied ribbon. This original example of craftsmanship, as well as the sublime scent of rose, perfectly captures Chloe’s spiritual home.

Bvlgari Perfumes

Bvlgari Perfumes was built by Bvlgari, an Italian jewelry and luxury goods retailer, find in 1884.

Its first perfume, Bulgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert, has been available since 1992 as a simple, unisex fragrance and has since become one of the most popular. the hottest aromas in the world. Over time, Bvlgari has launched other unisexual formulations such as Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert Extreme and

Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc. In addition, it has also introduced other specific perfumes for both men and children such as the Aqua cologne series for men, the Omnia series for girls and Petites ET Mamans. Widely recognized for its brilliant and sophisticated fashion, Bvlgari has an extensive distribution network spanning more than 300 stores around the world. The company has built its brand reputation around producing clean, refreshing and long-lasting fragrances that characterize virtually all of its perfume varieties. Many first-time buyers will likely be surprise to realize how much the Bvlgari

brand has achieved in the short period that the company has operated in the perfume industry,

with the wide range of extremely subtle fragrance profiles it boasts.

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