Women’s Perfume Fashion- A Guide in Choosing and Buying It

The Perfume Fashion is make from a combination of aromatic essential oils and a fragrance complex that mixes together and produces an entertaining fragrance. The combination contains essences, flower extracts, vegetable oils, synthetic materials or other natural sources. Today, perfume manufacturers prefer to make a perfume from synthetic chemicals rather than natural oils. fashion style and trends

perfume is deliberately mix with human body

The perfume is deliberately mix with human body odor to produce a distinctive delicate scent. This scent becomes the signature of anyone who wears perfume. Top notes are scents that can be smell directly after someone has sprayed on a perfume. It can be called “first impression.” Some people think that perfume is a way to express personality and a way to strengthen your sex appeal.

Women’s perfume is big business and is the main market for the fragrance industry. It expresses itself as a luminous woody floral scent and is overly sweet. Therefore, perfume for women can be the first choice as a gift for women. The scent of women is a matter of compatibility of what one person may love a perfume while another may hate it.

There are different perfumes for different types of women. Since there are so many options, buying perfumes for women is not easy. But remember to buy one that matches your personality to shorten the list of available options.

Women’s perfumes can be divide into six fragrance families.

Fruity feminine perfume

Fruity aromas usually have citrus notes such as lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit. But apple, grape, cherry, peach, and raspberry are also favorites for fruity feminine perfumes. Women who love fruity aromas have an outgoing and optimistic personality.

Flowers, floral scents are blend from flower extracts, such as rose, jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose. Women who are feminine and romantic often adore these types of fragrances.

Foody, Foody scents attract women who are loving and kind.


Woody, women who prefer these scents should be free-spirit and earthy.

Women often use perfume to attract men’s attention as a romance and seduction. That is also the purpose of women in general and of perfume as well. Women’s perfume is a fundamental element of the world of women’s fashion.

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